Projects @ Biophotonics and Microsystems Lab, University of Florida:
Ph.D. Thesis
Supervisor: Dr. Huikai Xie , University of Florida, Gainesville

M.Tech Thesis
Supervisor: Dr. Anjan K. Ghosh , IIT Kanpur

B.Tech Thesis
Supervisor: Dr. T. K. Bhattacharyya , IIT Kharagpur

Term Projects:
  • Modern Trends in Optical Coherence Tomography for Biomedical Imaging
    Members: Sagnik Pal, Casey de Deugd, Jingjing Sun, Course: Introduction to Biophotonics,
    Supervisor: Dr. Huikai Xie, UF
  • Design and Layout of a Low Noise Amplifier
    Members: S. Pal, D. K. Park, C. A. Thompson, Course: Microwave IC Design,
    Supervisor: Dr.  Kenneth O, UF
  • Strain Effects in Semiconductors 
    Members: Sagnik Pal, Min Chu, Course: Quantum Mechanics for Nanodevices
    Supervisor: Dr. J. Guo, UF
  • Dynamic Modeling of Thermal Bimorph Actuators
    Course: Advanced Microsystems Technology Supervisor: Dr. Huikai Xie, UF
  • Thermal Effects of Optical Actuation in MEMS
    Course: Finite Element Method, Supervisor: Dr. Nandini Gupta, IIT Kanpur
  • Circuit for Evaluating the Running Average of Four Successive Numbers
    Course: VLSI System Design , Supervisor: Dr.S.S.K. Iyer, IIT Kanpur
  • Measurement of Electric Permittivity of a Dielectric Sample
    Course: Microwave Measurements and Design , Supervisor: Dr. A. R. Harish, IIT Kanpur
Industrial Training Project
Programming of drives and microcontrollers and the study of electric machines, May-June 2003
Supervisor: Sudip Roy, Manager (Electrical), Usha Martin Ltd.

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