I have been involved in research & development of MEMS in the industry since 2013:
  • Inertial Sensors, 2018 - 2022, Panasonic.
    • Invented, designed and tested novel MEMS with high immunity to fabrication imperfections.
    • Modeled noise and ZRO (Zero-Rate-Offset)
  • MEMS microphones, 2013 - 2017, Knowles Corp.
    • Invented and productized of a new MEMS architecture with 95% lower distortion compared to existing designs. This invention won the most sought after sockets in the consumer electronics industry and more that 10 billion units have shipped.
    • Invented MEMS with enhanced waterproofing and ingress protection.
    • Designed MEMS that exceed stringent robustness specifications.
    • Developed physics-based models that significantly reduced design iterations.
Prior to joining Knowles, I worked on novel MEMS actuators for bioimaging at the Biophotonics & Microsystems Laboratory, University of Florida. As a Research Associate (2011-13) and doctorate student (2006-11) at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida, I made several important contributions:
  • Invented, analyzed and fabricated novel MEMS transducers known as curved multimorphs
  • Invented novel in-plane MEMS transducers that produce order of magnitude greater displacement compared to existing designs
  • Optimized mirror design that resulted in ten-fold improvement in scan-range
  • Invented and implemented novel fabrication process for robust, fast electrothermal micromirrors. The improved robustness enables real-world bio-imaging applications.
  • Designed and fabricated novel micromirrors with low center-shift; high fill-factor; improved voltage and power requirements. The new designs enable the miniaturization of endoscopic probes.
  • Developed comprehensive electrothermomechanical device models
  • Demonstrated model-based micromirror control
  • Defended my PhD thesis titled "Modeling and Reliability of Electrothermal Micromirrors" in July 2011
I have 17+ years experience in multiphysics modeling and design, and 4+ years hands-on microfabrication experience. Among core engineering areas, my interests include Reliability and Failure in Mechanical Design, Structural Mechanics, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Finite Element Method and Control Systems.

I did my MTech at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and BTech at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. My MTech thesis titled "Theory and Applications of Optically Actuated MEMS Structures" explored possible applications of optical pressure as an actuation mechanism in MEMS devices. My BTech thesis on "Electric Machine Analysis Using Field Theory" dealt with finite-element analysis of electric machines. 

My LinkedIn profile is available here.

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