4 granted, 2 in progress:

    • S. Pal and H. Xie, “Fabrication of robust electrothermal MEMS with fast thermal response,” US008735200B2, issued May 27, 2014.
    • S. Pal, H. Xie and K. Zawoy, “Curved multimorph microactuators that bend and/or twist,” application no. 13/701,793, filed on June 1, 2011.
    • Pal, Sagnik, and Sung Bok Lee, “Acoustic apparatus with diaphragm supported at a discrete number of locations,” US009743191B2, issued August 22, 2017.
    • Sagnik Pal, and Sung Bok Lee, “Microphone with hydrophobic ingress protection,” US010433071B2, issued October 1, 2019.
    • Sagnik Pal, Diego E. Serrano, and Thomas Kieran Nunan, “Sensing Device”, US20220128359A1, issued 28 Mar. 2023.
    • Sagnik Pal, Diego E. Serrano, Amir Rahafrooz, Thomas Kieran Nunan, and Ijaz Jafri, “Systems and Methods for Acoustically Isolated Resonator,” US App.# 17/930,173.

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